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Starts 18 October 2021

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Are you confident you can

Maintain high performance in a world of change?

Even before the global pandemic, businesses were grappling with the challenge of staying competitive in a world of rapid change. We knew technology was advancing faster than ever and that many more jobs could be replaced by robots. This doesn’t mean humans will no longer be necessary. Quite the opposite. 

It means humans will will have greater opportunity to perform meaningful work. And that is wonderful! 
But to do that, we need to be able to do the things that humans do better than machines. 

This program was designed to help you maintain high performance, even when the world around you is changing rapidly.

In this course, I will help you: 

  • discover the range of factors that enable you to perform at your best
  • design your work and life to make it happen
  • remain competitive in a world of constant change.

Take a moment to

Just imagine if ...

  • You were able to perform to your potential
  • You were achieving outcomes that matter most
  • You knew you were making a difference
  • This was easier than you might think.

If this sounds good to you, I’d love help.

The World Economic Forum and LinkedIn are both reporting the ability to learn is one of the most important skills for the future.

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of people will require reskilling by 2025
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You are invited to join me in the

21-Day Performance Accelerator

This program will provide you with the tools and information to set your direction, determine your plan and make it happen.

In this program, you will learn some fundamental reasons why humans behave the way we do. 

You will have the opportunity to experiment with a range of techniques to determine what works best for you. You will be guided through tools designed to help you make small but sustainable changes that make a big difference over time. 

Please understand, this program is different.  You will need to have an open mind. I am going to share lots of ideas for you to choose from. Some are pretty common, others are a bit alternative.  

All are techniques I have researched to understand how they work. All are techniques I have applied myself.

Included in the program:

A little about me

Hi, I'm Kathryn Hume

I support people to achieve their desired results by helping them to understand the reasons why we humans behave the way we do. 

With this knowledge, you have greater power to change your environment and your actions to make achieving your dreams easier.

I take a holistic approach to help you discover what works best for you so you can perform to your potential and make a difference in the world.

What you can expect

Week 1 - Feel Good First

  • Explain what self-regulation is
  • Describe why self-regulation is important
  • Outline the steps to better self-regulation
  • Develop a self-monitoring plan
  • Identify moderating techniques that work for you
  • Implement techniques as and when require to feel better more often.

Week 2 - Perform better today

  • Prioritise tasks to achieve what matters most 
  • Explain some of the reasons why humans behave the way we do and how this can be applied to make high performance easier and more rewarding
  • Experiment with techniques to support focus 
  • Improve productivity to achieve more with less effort.

Week 3 - Perform better tomorrow

  • Outline how small but sustained changes make a big difference over time
  • Identify what matters most to provide guidance for direction setting
  • Explore ways to learn as part of your daily routine to reduce the time and energy required
  • Reflect on progress and enjoy making a difference.

When I think of Kathryn, I think of someone who is driven by clear values of contribution and meaning, as well as someone with the curiosity and smarts to deliver powerful outcomes. I’m very excited by her work in supporting others to explore these elements to achieve fulfilment and performance. In today’s accelerated and alienated world, this is essential work for all organisations, so I am extremely grateful that Kathryn is on the job.”

Arun Pradhan

Co-founder of Modelthinkers.com
AITD Learning and Development Professional of the Year

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Frequently asked questions

This course takes a holistic approach to learning and performance, taking a broad range of variables into consideration. For example, you may never have thought that inhaling an essential oil had anything to do with your results, but I want you to understand how it can. This is just one example of many that I would love to share so you can find what works for you.

Because it is new! This course has been delivered face-to-face with wonderful reviews that still warm my heart. But as we are in lock down in Australia, I have converted it to online so we don’t have to wait until restrictions ease.

Absolutely!!! If this is you, then you are the person I had in mind when I created this course. Well actually, the whole business. I often felt left behind at school, as though everyone else knew what was going on…except me. But after years of research and experimentation, I discovered that my mindset and my approach were creating a barrier for my learning. Once I understood a little more about how the brain works, I was able to take the steps to make learning easier…and now it is one of my favourite things to do.

This course is suitable for anyone anywhere. You will be able to access the content all day every day. The content has been designed for you to apply to your own situation so it doesn’t matter if you are at school or you are working, I am confident it can help.

Yes, yes and yes! Please do. This is such a great idea that I offer a 2 for 1 deal. Share the cost with a friend and enjoy completing it together. The more the merrier! I offer group discounts too, so please contact me and we can create a price that suits us both.

If you find the course is not what you were looking for within the first week, just let me know and I will refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

For sure. Just bear in mind that it is best if the other person is willing to participate so they receive the greatest value. A refund can be arranged within the first week from commencement if the course is not suitable.

I would estimate around 2 hours per week, but this would be broken into smaller chunks each day. The content itself won't take much time, but there will be some variation between the amount of time each individual will want to spend. Really, it is up to the individual and my goal is to make this as easy as possible. This is why I provide simplified tools and resources to make it easier.

People that have worked with me before

Working with Kathryn is an absolute joy – she is a breath of fresh air! I had the pleasure of working with Kathryn on a project and she was quickly able to break down complex content into easy to understand, digestible information. This skill combined with her strategic approach to project delivery transformed the project which delivered over and above anyone’s expectations. Kathryn takes a human centered approach to all that she does and really ‘gets’ people. I hope to work with Kathryn again in the future – she’s an inspiration.

Emma Malica

Director, NSW Ministry of Health

In the three years that I have known Kathryn Hume she has been on a high-growth trajectory fuelled by personal curiosity, learning agility, contribution and an unwavering quest to support others to harness their potential. She brings authenticity, intellect, practicality, compassion, grace and humility to her work and professional interactions. Kathryn is able to get her mind around new settings and domains quickly and sets high standards for herself and her work. I recommend Kathryn as a trustworthy, reliable partner.

Michelle Ockers

Organisational Learning Strategist, Australian Institute of Training and Development Learning Professional of the Year

People who participated face-to-face

"What we learn becomes a part of who we are."

Kathy Jeffords

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