How to create a healthier, happier life for yourself and those you care about

Holistic Learning

Holistic learning is an approach to personal development that accepts there are many aspect of us as humans that contributes to making us whole. The aim of holistic learning is to nurture every aspect of ourselves so we can live a life of meaning and purpose where we find value in contributing to something bigger than ourselves. This is how we optimise our health and happiness over our lifetime and make the greatest impact on world for the benefit of ourselves and those we care about.

Why learning is critical for our future

In a world of constant change, our ability to learn is critical to enabling us to adapt quickly. Uncertainty makes the future difficult to predict and this can cause us to worry about the future which reduces our ability to enjoy the present.


Be an active learner not a passive recipient

The rapid pace of change means we cannot rely solely on others to teach us the skills and knowledge we require to live a meaningful life. We must be able to do this ourselves so we keep pace with change and continue to contribute value to the world.

The simple fact is, no one can learn for us. Learning occurs when our senses perceive information from our environment and process it to form memories. It is not possible to make another person learn. Educators can create environments and provide instruction to facilitate learning, but ultimately it is up to the person to engage in the activity for learning to occur.

This is easier and more enjoyable when what we are learning matters. That is, we can see value in the outcome and believe it is achievable.


Learn for life

We know that the human brain never stops changing and that learning is possible at any age. Learning is how we grow and make a difference in the world.

When we adopt a holistic perspective we can appreciate how the part we play contributes to something bigger than us. This helps us feel connected and provides a sense of belonging that enables us to experience a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment from our actions.


Learning and performing at our best

We learn and perform at our best when every aspect of ourselves is at its healthiest and happiest. Being a holistic learner means nurturing our mind, body and spirit so we can become all we were born to be. This requires an understanding of the multitude of factors that influence our learning outcomes so we are able manipulate them to our best advantage.


Setting the conditions for learning

We know that what we learn is not solely determined by our intentional learning activities but also by our environment, our mindset and our life experiences. This is why it is so important to prepare ourselves to learn before we engage in learning activities. This way we make the best use of our time and energy.

We believe there are four critical steps to learning and performance, these are:

1. Calm
2. Focus
3. Learn
4. Perform


Calming the mind is essential to being grounded and present. It enables us to experience the moment we are in and appreciate all we have available to us. When we are calm, we can enhance our self-awareness to identify our thoughts and feelings and gain a greater understanding of who we are and what matters to us. This helps us to follow paths that serve us, where we can function at our best and engage in activities that achieve outcomes we value.


What we pay attention to is a significant determinant of our happiness. Focusing our attention enables us to be mindful of the good things in our lives and be grateful for them. It also empowers us to gain the greatest benefit from our brain’s capacity. It is where we actively engage in a single activity to process information perceived via our senses. By focusing our attention we can plan our actions, direct our thoughts, process information and monitor our responses.


The ability to learn empowers us to develop skills and knowledge and mold ourselves into the people we want to become. It enables us to unlock our potential and become all we were born to be.


Performing well in something you care about brings meaning and fulfilment to our lives. It provides a sense of achievement from knowing we are contributing value for ourselves and those we care about.