parents and Carers

You are playing a crucial role

Provide greater opportunity for your child to reach their potential, now and in the future

You are playing a crucial role

Do you worry about the pressures your child faces now and in the future?

Do you feel unable to help because your attempts seem to make matters worse?

Would you like the comfort of knowing that they will be able to support themselves to live a happy, healthy life?

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Control the controllable

Many of our kids are feeling stressed and overwhelmed for a significant part of their lives. This can have a detrimental impact on their ability to learn and their lifelong health and happiness. It is possible that some things we do with the very best intentions to help, actually exacerbate the pressure they are feeling.

Nurture yourself

As parents and carers, we do our best to support our kids to grow into healthy, happy and capable humans who are able to live long and fulfilling lives. This can be made easier when we have the tools and support to nurture their health and wellbeing so they are in a better position to make learning easier, more enjoyable and more effective for them.

Learning & Wellbeing Solutions

Small group social conversations

Informal 2 hour conversation with a small group of people facing the same problem to discover what works and put plans in place to make it happen.

Tools and resources

Tools and resources that you can share with the student in your care to support their learning in subtle ways to help you to avoid conflict.

Performance Accelerator Program

The Performance Accelerator Program aims to empower us to prepare our mind, body and spirit for learning so we can continue to grow and achieve throughout our lives. I share simple and natural techniques we can implement ourselves to ensure we have enough stress to keep us motivated but not so much that we feel overwhelmed. When we are able to do this we are able to do this ourselves, we have greater control over how we feel, learn and perform.

Solutions for sustained change

These solutions are intentionally simple so they can be used to make small but sustained changes that make a big difference over time.


These resources can be used to make small but sustained changes each day that can make a big difference over time. They are gentle nudges that you can experiment with to see what works. Share them with friends and colleagues and have a conversation about their effectiveness for you.