Holistic Learning Techniques – PDF file pack D


The ability to learn is a critical skill that we all need to develop to remain valuable in our world that is constantly changing.

But the pace of life today means we are often busy and distracted which makes it more difficult to learn. It actually makes it more difficult to get the most out of life.

Holistic learning sees a human as a whole person and aims to address the many factors that will influence our ability to learn.

The holistic learning gentle reminder cards provide simple techniques that can help us get into the ideal state for learning.

The 21 Day Performance Accelerator Program (which is currently on sale) provides one on one support to individuals to help them experiment with these techniques so they can find what works best for them.

Given them a try and let others know what works for you on our Facebook or Instagram feeds.

Do you ever get so busy and distracted that you forget to take care of yourself?

Or do you feel like wellbeing takes up more time than you have available?

These gentle reminder cards were designed to be used as gentle reminders of some super simple techniques we can apply to help us feel better.

Because when we feel better, we learn better and then we can perform better.

And this leads to a sense of satisfaction that feeds back in to make us feel better and the cycle continues.

Download as a high-quality PDF file.

You can use the tracker to experiment with a few and let me know what works.

Share these with your friends to keep each other moving toward the results you are seeking to achieve.

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