Memory Cards


Set of 12 cards describing techniques that support learning.

These convenient cards describe effective learning techniques that can be used by individuals or in groups to promote learning. They are designed as gentle reminders and can be used for instruction, as a learning aid or as a gentle reminder of how we can focus our attention.

There are many ways we can stimulate our brain to promote learning. Whatever it is you are trying to learn, completing an activity described in these cards can help you make memories.

They provide different options for learning to bring variety and alleviate boredom.

Teachers, use these cards as a learning activity to offer students the choice for how they would like to learn.

encourage learners to talk about how they apply these techniques and what works for them to encourage personal reflection and awareness that will assist them to become self-directed learners.


At home:

Determine the learning intention, review cards and select a technique to apply to enhance learning.


Allow students to select a card and apply the technique to that will best achieve the learning intention.


Share cards in workshops as suggestions for how the techniques might be applied in the flow of work.


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