Life is all about learning

Prepare yourself to learn so you can achieve the outcomes you dream about

Do you have the support you need?

Preparation is critical

Do you feel anxious about learning?

Do you get distracted easily or find it difficult to focus?

Do you dedicate more time to lerning that you would like to?

Do you find it hard to perform under pressure?

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of students reported feeling stressed*
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of students reported feeling anxious*
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of students reported a lack of motivation*
Control the controllable
The ability to learn is arguably the most important skill humans can develop. Being able to learn means we can get better at whatever it is we want to be able to do. There are many factors that will influence the effectiveness of our learning activities and I want to support people to understand what they are and how they can be manipulated to our advantage.
Nurture yourself

Preparing ourselves to learn places us in a better position to make learning easier, more enjoyable and more effective.

With the right tools and support we are able to do this ourselves, gain back precious hours and have more time for the things we love.

Solutions for everybody


Four, two hour workshops to explore techniques that can be applied to make the most of our limited time, energy and money for learning.


Tools and products that give you the power to adapt your environment and behaviour so you can achieve the learning outcomes you are seeking.

Small group conversations

Informal 2 hour conversation with a small group of people facing the same problem to discover what works and put plans in place to make it happen.

One-on-one coaching

Regular one hour coaching to explore your goals, develop plans to make them happen and support to put them into practice.

Performance Accelerator Program

The Performance Accelerator Program provides tools and resources to empower us to prepare ourselves for learning so we can continue to grow and achieve throughout our lives.

I share a broad range of simple and natural techniques we can implement ourselves to ensure we are in the best state for learning to occur.

When we are able to do this we will have greater control over how we feel, learn and perform.

Solutions for sustained change

These solutions are intentionally simple so they can be used to make small but sustained changes that make a big difference over time.


These resources can be used to make small but sustained changes each day that can make a big difference over time. They are gentle nudges that you can experiment with to see what works. Share them with friends and colleagues and have a conversation about their effectiveness for you.